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What is Illegal Dumping?

Illegal Dumping
Illegal dumping is the unlawful disposal of commercial and industrial waste in places other than permitted facilities such as landfills or transfer stations. Garbage is usually dumped along roadways, vacant lots and on tribal, public and private lands. If you see someone littering or dumping waste you should tell them to stop immediately, or report them to the authorities. Illegal Dumping Guidebook
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Health & Safety Risks Associated with Illegal Dumping

  • They contain broken glass, syringes, toxic chemicals, and other hazardous waste which may cause sickness, fires, environmental pollution, etc.
  • Decomposing garbage can attract mice, mosquitoes, rodents and insects which may cause spread of illnesses. For example, dumpsites with scrap tires provide an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, which can multiply 100 times faster than normal in the warm stagnant water standing in scrap tires.
  • They pollute our lakes, creeks and rivers which causes wide variety of issues to people, fish and wildlife. We should protect and not trash the environment we live in.
  • They attract more dumping and other illegal activities, which in return effects our communities.

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Why is Illegal Dumping a Problem?

Illegal dumping is a problem for several reasons:

  • Environmental concerns: Illegal dumping can harm the environment by contaminating the soil, water, and air. It can also have negative impacts on wildlife and vegetation.
  • Public health concerns: Illegal dumping can pose health risks to people who live or work nearby, as well as to wildlife. Dumped waste can attract pests such as rats and mosquitoes that can spread disease.
  • Aesthetic concerns: Illegal dumping can be an eyesore, detracting from the beauty of natural areas and public spaces. This can have negative impacts on tourism and property values.
  • Cost: Cleaning up illegally dumped waste can be expensive, and the cost is often borne by taxpayers. It also diverts resources from other important community services.
  • Legal implications: Illegal dumping is a crime, and those who are caught can face fines, penalties, and even imprisonment. It can also damage the reputation of businesses or individuals associated with the illegal dumping.

Overall, illegal dumping is a problem because it harms the environment, poses health risks, is unsightly, is costly to clean up, and is against the law.


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