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Pesticide Enforcement

Enforcing environmental laws, including pesticide use laws, is a central part of EPA's Strategic Plan to protect human health and the environment. EPA works to ensure compliance with environmental requirements. When warranted, EPA will take civil or criminal enforcement action against violators of environmental laws.
One of EPA's top priorities is to protect communities disproportionately affected by pollution through our environmental justice (EJ) work. EPA is integrating EJ into areas such as:
enforcement and compliance program planning and implementation,
identifying cases to pursue and
developing solutions to benefit overburdened communities. 

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Let us know about possibly contaminated sites!

If you have seen an illegal dumpsite or other possible signs of contamination, please contact OST Brownfields Program in the OSTEPP office at (605) 867-5236 or by email at


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Report Illegal Dumping

Report illegal dumping, dumpsites or other possible signs of contamination, please contact us at (605) 867-5236 or by email at or Go to Report Illegal Dumping! page to Report.